As a CodeHS Pro customer, you have access to all of our incredible teacher tools. Below is a screenshot of the Toolbox, which you can find at the top of any page on CodeHS.  The Toolbox is the easiest way to navigate between our tools and resources. It is broken into 5 key areas: Progress, Resources, Code Review, Create, and Support.

Progress: CodeHS provides 5 different ways for teachers to track student progress. Our progress tools help you provide individualized, 1-on-1 support to your students. We suggest you check your students’ progress at least once per week. The most detailed progress report is “Activity” progress.

How do I track student progress?

Another important feature under progress is “Access Controls.” Access Controls allow you to determine when your students can access certain lessons, modules, and activities. By default, all activities are available to students. If you want to keep your whole class at the same point in the curriculum, access controls can help you do so. 

What are Access Controls?

Resources: Our curriculum team has created a wide array of different resources to help you teach your class with CodeHS. We suggest you review the “Lesson Plans” section a few day before teaching a particular lesson in your class. The lesson plans provide several helpful components for teaching a lesson including discussion questions, teaching modifications, offline activities, and even the CSTA standards that you will cover.

Where can I find lesson plans?

What are Next Generation Digital Lesson Plans?

Code Review: This is your go-to section for grading! Here you will receive help questions from students. This is also where you can grade and provide feedback on student assignments. You should visit your Code Review Dashboard daily. To respond to a student’s question, click the question or click on the “Help Mode” button in the right corner. To review and grade assignments that have been submitted to you for review, click on “Grade Mode” or “Fast Grade”. 

What is Grade Mode?

What is Fast Grade

As a teacher on CodeHS you can decide which activities you will grade or review, and which activities you are alright with leaving to the CodeHS autograders. While our autograders are designed to ensure students write effective code based on functionality and style, we always suggest teachers review some of their students’ submissions and provide feedback--especially on the more complex assignments that require review from a pair of human eyes. Deciding on which activities are submitted to you can be done through “Queue Settings.”

What are queue settings and how do they work?

The final piece of the code review section is your “Gradebook.” You can customize the Gradebook to meet your grading needs and can export it as an Excel or CSV file. 

How does the Gradebook work?

Can I customize point values in the gradebook?

Create: While CodeHS courses are designed to offer students everything they need to start coding, we realize that many teachers want to provide additional quizzes or activities for their students. The “Create” tool provides you with the ability to write your own custom quizzes and activities. 

What is CodeHS Create?

How do I create a playlist?

How can students access a playlist created by their teacher?

Support: CodeHS offers a variety of support features including a dedicated support contact, Knowledge Base articles, and a Teacher Forum.

If you have questions about any of our teacher tools or resources, please contact CodeHS at or your Customer Success Manager. We are always happy to help!

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