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Pro Features Highlights: Learn about our Pro tools!

Using the Toolbox: How to access all the tools available on CodeHS.

Pro Feature

Pro Features Highlights

CodeHS Pro offers everything your school needs for an amazing computer science program all in one place!

Save Time with Lesson Plans

On Pro, every CodeHS lesson comes with a detailed lesson plan, ensuring that you're prepared for each day. Learn More about Lesson Plans.

Screenshot of a sample lesson plan on CodeHS Pro

Visualize and Analyze Student Progress Data

Use our progress tracking tools to track exactly where students are in a given course, and control the pace that your students move through the curriculum. Learn more about Data Progress and Tracking.

Screenshot of the Progress Tracker on CodeHS Pro

Assess Student Learning and Mastery

With our assessment tools and reports, you'll have access to exactly the data you need to determine what students need more support on. Learn more about Viewing Quiz Scores.

Screenshot of the Quiz Report feature on CodeHS Pro

CodeHS Create and Custom Playlists

CodeHS Create allows you to create custom assignments and quizzes and assign them to your course. You can customize your curriculum for your classroom, using a CodeHS course as a template, mix and match units from different courses, or even create an entire course from scratch!

You can create content in any coding language CodeHS offers and create your own quizzes, videos, exercises, examples, and more. Learn more about Create in this webinar: CodeHS Webinar: Problem, Playlist & Quiz Question Banks

Seamless Grading

The CodeHS Gradebook makes it easy to turn student progress and performance on CodeHS into grade, and to export that data to any external system. Learn More about the Gradebook.

Screenshot of the CodeHS Gradebook and how to export to excel and CSV

Using the Toolbox

On the CodeHS Pro Plan, you have access to all of our teacher tools. The Toolbox can be found at the top of any page on CodeHS. The Toolbox is an easy way to navigate between different tools and resources. Tools are organized into categories: Favorites, Recent, Progress, Resources, Code Review, Create, Support, Data Tracking, and Certifications.


  • CodeHS allows you to customize your favorite list to add links to your most used tools here.


  • Links to recently accessed tools and resources appear here.


  • Find multiple tools here for tracking student progress on CodeHS.


  • Our curriculum team has created a wide array of different resources to help you teach your class with CodeHS. We suggest you review the Lesson Plans section a few days before teaching a particular lesson in your class. Our lesson plans provide several helpful components for teaching a lesson including: discussion questions, teaching modifications, offline activities, and even the aligned CSTA covered.

Code Review

  • This is your go-to section for grading! We recommend visiting your Code Review Dashboard daily. Use Grade Mode or Fast Grade to review and grade submitted assignments.

  • The final piece of the code review section is your Gradebook. You can customize the Gradebook to meet your grading needs and can export it as an Excel or CSV file. 


  • While CodeHS courses are designed to offer students everything they need to start coding, we know many teachers want to provide additional quizzes or activities for their students. The Create tool provides you with the ability to write your own custom quizzes and activities.

Data Tracking

  • Use the Attendance page and other tools to track your student's activity and progress on CodeHS.


  • Check out our new Certification Exams to learn more about offering industry-relevant Certifications to your students.

To get Pro for your school or sign up for a Pro trial, contact our team at We'd be happy to chat!

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