CodeHS Guides

Set Up your CodeHS Classroom so your Students can Begin Coding Today!

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Computer Science Curriculum

6th-12th Grade Courses from Intro to AP Programming

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Professional Development

Professional Development Courses

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CodeHS Elementary

Elementary Curriculum for District Computer Science Programs

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Create and Configure Your Course Assignments

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Manage and Organize Your Class with Customizable Settings

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Streamline Your Grading Workflow

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Track and Analyze Student Assessments and Progress Data

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Online IDE

Write, Run and Share Code in a Web-Based IDE

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Resources for Students

Resources and Troubleshooting Guides for Students

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Industry-Relevant Certification Exams for Students

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Connect CodeHS to your District’s Educational Platform

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Privacy, Data, Security, and Funding

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Learn more about autograders on CodeHS

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Learn More

Additional Resources and Webinars

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