Access Controls allows the teacher to control when an assignment becomes available and accessible to students.

You can find Access Controls in your Toolbox > Progress section:

Toolbox drop down menu showing Access Controls under Progress

Teachers can also find Access Controls by clicking into a section and going to Course Settings > Access Controls.

On the Access Controls page, use the dropdown menus to select if you'd like changes to affect all sections in a course, an individual section, or an individual student:

Drop down menu on access controls page toggles between sections

You can also edit the time zone in the upper-right. Click the Update Year button to update dates to the current school year.


Availability refers to whether your students can view an exercise or not. There are three availability settings:

  • Available: Default setting. Students can access and submit this activity.

  • Locked: Students see the lesson titles on their Assignments page, but they will see a lock icon and will encounter a Locked page if they attempt to access.

  • Scheduled: Schedule an item to be Available during the specified time range and Locked anytime before the Start Date (if set) or after the End Date (if set).

Student View of Locked Assignments:

a gray lock icon is shown when students look at locked assignments
This Assignment is Locked message with lock icons displayed

Setting Access Controls

Expanding Modules and Lessons

By default, all activities are set to Available in your course. You can configure Availability at the module, lesson, or activity level. If you set Availability for a module, the settings and scheduled times will apply to all lessons and activities underneath it. You can expand modules and lessons to configure settings on the activity level.

GIF shows toggling different lessons and assignments on access controls page

Schedule Availability

You can also schedule for something to become available in a specified time range. To do this, set the item you want "Scheduled", and use the date picker to select the window that you want the item to be open for. Note that scheduling something at the module or lesson level will affect all activities underneath it.

GIF shows setting dropdown arrow to scheduled and using calendar to set date
Display of assignments with scheduled dates

In the above example, all activities in this module will unlock and become Available on 9/21 at 11:00 am and lock again on 9/25 at 7:00pm. If you want an assignment to always be available after unlocking, you can leave the End Date blank.

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