How do I get to the Due Dates and Access Controls page?

Teachers can find Due Dates and Access Controls under Course Settings.

How do I use the Due Dates and Access Controls?

Due Date Settings allow you to set due dates on items for students in this class. You can assign due dates for items, lessons, and modules. Any student submissions of an item after its due date will be marked as late.

Access Controls page lets you set Visibility at the module, lesson, or item level. Everything in a course defaults to being Available. If you want to lock a module, you can simply click the dropdown for that module and choose “Locked.”

Google Classroom Sections

For sections set up with Google Classroom the Google Classroom assigner buttons will also appear. This is so assigning with Google Classroom using due dates and/or access controls is easy and editable.

Due Dates + Access Controls are available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get CodeHS Pro for your school, contact our team at

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