How do I get to the Access Controls page?

Teachers can find access controls under Course Settings. 

How does Visibility work?

Visibility refers to whether your students can view an exercise or not. There are three options: Available, Locked, and Scheduled. Available is the default and means that students can access and complete an exercise. If you set an assignment to Locked, students won’t be able to see or work on it. Instead, they’ll be redirected to a Locked Item page. The third option, Scheduled, means that you can schedule the activity to be available during a certain date/time range. If, for example, you want to prevent students from racing too far ahead, you can lock the modules, lessons, or exercises, or set them to Scheduled and choose a start availability date in the future.

How do I use the Access Controls page?

The Access Controls page lets you set Visibility at the module, lesson, or item level. Everything in a course defaults to being Available. If you want to lock a module, you can simply click the dropdown for that module and choose “Locked.”

If you want to set access for a lesson, you first have to click open a module, and then choose the visibility option. And if you expand open a lesson, you can set the visibility of a single item.

You can also schedule for something to be available in the future. To do this, set the item you want to "Scheduled", and use the date picker to select the window that you want the item to be open for.

See Access Controls for Individual Students for more info on configuring settings on a per student level. 

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