Setting Due Dates

Bulk edit due dates for modules, lessons, and assignments by section and by student

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Due Date Settings allow you to set due dates modules, lessons, and assignments. Any student submissions of an assignment after its due date will be marked as late.

Access the Due Date Settings Page:

  1. From the Teacher Page, click the ‘…’ next to the Section you want to edit

  2. Choose Due Date Settings

  3. Select the due dates for Modules, Lessons, and Assignments


  1. Click on a section name from the teacher page to view that Section

  2. Use top nav bar and go to Course Settings > Due Dates

gif clicks on course settings in top navigation bar then set due dates

Late Assignments

Assignments that are submitted late show up in the Gradebook with a little red triangle on the top right corner (as shown below).

Change the due date for a single assignment:

  1. Navigate to the Assignments Page 

  2. Click the ‘...’ next to the assignment and select Due Dates

  3. OR - Select the Configure (gear) icon next to the assignment to access settings

gif clicking on ... next to assignment then navigating menu to set due date

Clear a Due Date

To clear and remove a previously set due date, click the 'x' next to the due date.

hight lights black X next to a set due date

Setting a Time for when Assignments are Due

By default, the time that assignments are due is 12am PT. Any outstanding assignments after this time will be marked late in the Gradebook.

You can change this deadline on the due dates page. Once a Due Time is set, assignments in that section will need to be turned in before this deadline or else be marked as late.

(Note: a section's timezone can be adjusted on the section's settings page)

Students Viewing Due Dates

Students can view the Due Dates that you’ve assigned them by selecting Due Dates from the left-hand sidebar. This page shows the Due Dates for their assigned Activities as well as a status icon.

Students can also view Due Dates from the Assignment tab in their editor. The notification will be red if the student's assignment is past due.

Clicking "Due Dates" on the lefthand navigation bar, and then clicking on an assignment to open it and see date due in the right hand editor

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