Customizing the Gradebook

Customize, configure, filter your gradebook to show specific assignment types and change maximum point values

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The CodeHS Gradebook allows you to customize what activities appear, view student programs, configure point settings, view supplemental material, remove assignments, view grades, and export your gradebook.  Click here to learn more about what the colors mean in the Gradebook. 

Customizing your Gradebook:

Teachers can customize their Gradebook by clicking on Edit Settings in the upper left corner. This will allow teachers to edit maximum point values for each assignment and remove assignments from showing up in your Gradebook.

Click edit Settings button to customize points and remove assignments

Configure your Gradebook: 

Click Configure on the Gradebook page and select what type of assignment you want to include in the gradebook, what you want to display in the grade book and if you want students to view report cards. 

Include in Gradebook: This setting controls what type of assignments are in the Gradebook. This will remove all unchecked assignment types from the Gradebook and the assignments will not be included in the computational grade.
Display Settings: These settings controls whether quizzes and exercises are displayed in the Gradebook. This does not remove them from the Gradebook, the assignment is hidden yet still included in the computational grade. You can also toggle the option to remove the flag on Late Assignments.
Student Permissions: This settings controls whether or not students can view their grade report.
Late Assignments: This setting controls whether all assignments automatically receive a zero after the due date. Checking this box will retroactively give all late unopened or not submitted assignments a zero. Teachers can choose the point penalty for assignments once they are submitted and teachers can choose whether the assignments are manually or automatically graded.
Grade Calculations: This setting controls how the final percentage grade is calculated

Click configure button in top left corner to control many Gradebook settings

Change the Maximum Points for an Assignment

To change the total possible points for an assignment, click Edit, change the total points, and then click done. 

Click edit Settings button to customize points and remove assignments

Viewing Student Programs & Adjusting Grades:

From the Gradebook, you can click into an individual students program, run their code, and change the given grade under the Grade tab in the code editor. The new grade will automatically reflect in your Gradebook.

Do you want to give partial or extra credit? No problem, you can do that too!

Click student's grade to view their submission

Filter by Module or Lesson:

You can filter your Gradebook to show all modules, lessons or certain modules/lessons. To filter by module select the module you want to view in the upper right corner and then select the lesson. You can view all modules within the course as well as supplemental material. 

Filter module or lesson using drop down menus in top right corner

Viewing Multiple Lessons

You can select to view multiple lessons at once. Click to select all the lessons you wish to view, then click off the drop down menu to close.

Remove Assignments from the Gradebook

Once an assignment is in your Gradebook, you can quickly remove it from the Gradebook page by going to Edit Settings and clicking "x" by the assignment name (as shown below).

Click Edit Settings, and click x next to assignment to delete from Gradebook

Export your Gradebook:

To export your course grades, access your Gradebook, and then select the file type you'd like to export them in. Find more information here.

Export Gradebook drop down menu

View Student Grades:

To view student grades, click on a students name and you will be able to view all of the students progress. 

Gif showing grade report

Learn More about Utilizing the Gradebook:


We are currently working to improve the speed of the Gradebook. If any of the grade data looks incorrect, click the Refresh Data button. Please write to to let us know if you have questions or feedback.

The CodeHS Gradebook is only available on CodeHS Pro. To get Pro for your school, contact our team at

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