Grading Key Colors

Grading Colors depict the status of the assignments in the Assignment page, the Gradebook, and the Progress Tracker

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The grading key is a simple way to gauge your students' submissions and grading status for assignments. Assignments can have the following statuses/colors on the Gradebook and Progress Tracking pages:

Image of assignment status colors
  • Teal - Finalized The student’s grade for the assignment has been graded and finalized.

  • Dark Magenta - Submitted After Review The student resubmitted the assignment after it was reviewed by the teacher.

  • Pink - Reviewed The student's assignment has been submitted, reviewed by the teacher, and passed back to the student with a mark indicating “Needs Work.”

  • Green - Submitted The assignment was successfully submitted and passed the Test Cases, and is set to Teacher Graded. To adjust this setting, check out your Grading Settings.

  • Yellow - Not Submitted Students have started this assignment but have not submitted it. If the assignment is set to be autograded, it will not receive partial credit.

  • Grey - Unopened The student has not opened this assignment.

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