Grading Settings

Grading settings allow teachers to grade students work manually or automatically grade upon submission

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Grading Settings allows you to select which modules, lessons or assignments you want to manually review and grade and which ones you'd like to be automatically graded upon submission. Setting the module, lesson or assignment to "Auto" will give full credit to all past and future submissions. Setting the module, lesson or assignment to "Teacher" will go to the teacher's Code Review page to be manually graded and awarded a score. 

Image description of Teacher Graded and Automatically Graded
Gif of Grading Settings link under Course Settings menu

Control Grading Settings from the Assignments Page:

1. Click the Assignments tab from the left hand navigation bar on your section page
2. Navigate to the assignment you would like to modify grade settings for
3. Click the Configure (gear) Icon

4. Toggle between Teacher and Auto

Image of Configure (gear) icon from Assignments page
Image of Configure modal to edit an assignments grading settings

You can also set up Grading Categories for Weighted Grading from your Grading Settings page. Check out this article for more information about Grading Categories.

Grading Settings is only available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get Pro for your school, contact our team at

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