Free Feature

View Code History

The Code History tab is a way for teachers and students to see all of the changes and revisions that have been made to a certain program, and allows you to revert a program to any previously saved version.  It is accessible in the top-right corner of any exercise page by going to More > History. You can use arrows to quickly move back and forth between timestamps of code: 

Gif showing history tab navigation

A code snapshot will be saved:

  • every 60 seconds, regardless of what the student has done

  • when the student hits Save, Submit, or Submit + Continue

  • when a student runs code with the Run Code button

  • when Check Code or Grade Code is pressed

  • when a file is renamed, deleted, uploaded, or created

  • when the main file is changed

  • when code is pasted into the editor

Pro Feature

Data Tracking Toolbox

With CodeHS Pro, there are several tools that can be used to track student activity:

  1. Attendance

  2. Login History

  3. Activity Minimap

  4. Assignment Feed

  5. Most Recent Activity

  6. Daily Activity Feed

You can find these tools by clicking Toolbox and selecting from Data Tracking:


This tool tracks daily or weekly student attendance. For a more detailed explanation of the Attendance tool, check out this article: Tracking Student Attendance 

Section Attendance view

Login History

This tool shows a log of the date, time, and IP address of students logging into the site. You can filter by student by selecting from the drop-down menu, as well as date range by clicking the calendar:

Image showing student Login History

Activity Minimap

This tool displays heat maps of each student's activity on the site. A darker square indicates a day with more site activities. You can hover over a square to see the date and how many activities were completed on that date: 

Image of student activity in CodeHS.
Image of student activity showing 85 activities completed

Assignment Feed

This tool logs activities of submitting and grading Assignments, including actions by the teacher, student, and Autograder:

Assignment Action feed showing recent teacher actions

Most Recent Activity

This tool shows an overview of a section’s most recent activity. You can view the last activity the student worked on as well as the time: 

Image of Most Recent Activity of each student in a section

Daily Activity Feed

This shows an overview of an individual student's history on the site for one calendar day, with timestamps indicating when the following events occurred:

  • The first time a student viewed an assignment

  • When a student submitted an assignment

  • When an assignment was graded by the teacher or autograder

  • Other data displayed: total time spent on the CodeHS site for the current day, time of first log-on, and time of most recent activity.

Change the date to view by clicking on the date underneath the student name, and the student to view by clicking the blue-highlighted name.

log of student activity in list view with green, orange, blue icons

Navigating to the Daily Activity Feed

  • Go to the Attendance Page

  • Click on the person icon to the left of the student's name

  • You can also access this tool by going to Toolbox > Daily Activity Feed

gif shows clicking attendance button on roster then person icon

Data Tracking is available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get Pro for your school, contact our team at 

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