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Our PD membership is filled with flexible year-round PD to fit varying learning needs and schedules!

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CodeHS offers a flexible professional development membership that provides teachers year-round access to various PD opportunities to fit their learning needs and schedules.

  • 📚Access both live and on-demand workshops and webinars covering a wide range of computer science teaching-related topics. All at your fingertips!

  • 🏆Receive recognition for your professional learning milestones through free, secure online microcredential exams! Teachers can earn a CodeHS Java, Python, JavaScript, Web Design, Web Development, and Cybersecurity microcredential badge. Learn more about our microcredentials here.

  • 🔥Level up your computer science education knowledge over a week or weekend with unlimited access to these 5-hour online courses covering various specialized topics.

Enrolling in PD Membership

To enroll in membership, please reach out to your Account Manager, hello@codehs.com, or click on the button below!

The PD Portal

You can access your PD Portal in the left-side navigation pane. All parts of the PD Membership can be accessed and managed from your PD Portal.

Accessing your Courses and Enrolling in Additional Courses

You can click Courses to see all of your professional development courses. To add courses, scroll down on your Courses page to browse all of our courses, and click Enroll.

Gif of accessing courses and enrolling by scrolling down and clicking enroll

Accessing Microcredentials

PD membership includes free microcredential exams.

To access microcredentials, you can click on the Microcredentials tab in the top navigation bar:

Gif showing microcredentials tab and how to redeem by clicking "redeem exam"

If you would like to learn more about microcredentials, please check out our article here!

Accessing Certificates for Past Webinars and PD Courses

You can access all of your certificates using the Certificates tab:

Image showing certificates tab and sample certificates earned

On Demand Library

Check out our On Demand library full of past CodeHS PD sessions. You can search by topic using the search bar, or scroll through to find a session.

Gif of On Demand Library accessed from top menu

Joining Upcoming PD Events

If you would like to join in for any upcoming events, you can check out our upcoming PD using the Events tab at the top or upcoming PD Events listed at the bottom of your homepage.

Gif showing upcoming events using Events tab

Even if you cannot make it, you can still register and have a recording of the event sent to your registration email.


How many sessions are included in my membership?

  • You have access to unlimited live webinars and workshops, as well as enrollment in unlimited PD Mini Courses. All options will include support from CodeHS Professional Development team.

What is the format of the live workshops?

  • There will be various session formats and focus points, which are outlined in the table below. Most sessions are 1-2 hours allowing for an in-depth study of teaching practices, review of curriculum, CodeHS resources, and Pro tools.

How long will I have access to PD Membership materials?

  • PD Memberships are active during the active school year (July-June) and can be renewed annually for continued access.

Can my school purchase multiple PD Memberships?

  • Yes! Schools or districts with a number of teachers can purchase multiple PD Memberships. CodeHS also offers custom workshops in various formats. Contact us at hello@codehs.com to learn more.

More Resources

For more information, please click here!

Still have questions? Contact our team at hello@codehs.com to learn more!

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