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Learn about how teachers can earn professional credentials through CodeHS

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Teachers can earn professional credentials through CodeHS! CodeHS Microcredentials provide educators recognition for the programming skills and knowledge they’ve gained in and outside the classroom.

What is a Microcredential?

Microcredentials are a way for teachers to prove learning and receive recognition for professional development milestones! CodeHS Microcredentials help improve instructional practices and validate computer science knowledge through a secure online exam that covers foundational programming concepts.

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Benefits of Earning a CodeHS Microcredential:

  • Validate Industry-Relevant Skills

  • Earn a Credential Certified by CodeHS

  • Add Badges to Portfolio, Social Media & Email Signature

  • Take a Secure Exam with Randomized Questions

  • Help Prepare Students for CodeHS Certifications

  • Evaluate Personal Computer Science & Coding Skills

  • Enhance Teacher Credentials, Professional Development & Resume

  • Support District Initiatives

After successfully completing a CodeHS Microcredential exam, teachers will receive a certificate of completion and a digital badge to include on a portfolio, resume, and email signature.

Read more information about microcredentials and pricing here.

CodeHS Microcredential Exam Options:

CodeHS offers 6 industry-relevant programming microcredentials for teachers:

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Preparing for a CodeHS Microcredential Exam

We have several resources to help teachers prepare for the exam:

  • Search the course catalog and enroll in the corresponding student course

  • Work through CodeHS Practice to gain a stronger understanding of basic programming skills and review for the exam.

  • We also offer practice exams as review material

Still have questions? Contact our team at hello@codehs.com to learn more!

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