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Tracking Student Activity
Track Progress and Grades with the Realtime Activity Dashboard
Track Progress and Grades with the Realtime Activity Dashboard

Monitor student work, progression, and updated grades in real time from the Gradebook and Progress Dashboard

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The Realtime Activity Dashboard allows you to see the current activity of students in your Section. The Gradebook, Progress Page, and Quiz Scores also update in real time as students turn in assignments and are graded by the autograder.

The Realtime Activity Dashboard

To navigate to this tool, click on: Progress > Realtime Dashboard

Here, you can see information about student activity as they work through the course. This dashboard updates as students open, work on, and submit their assignments. Clicking on the name of an assignment will take you to that student's assignment.

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  • Present - A green check means that the student was active on the site within the last 6 minutes.

  • Most Recent Activity - This displays the most recent assignment on which a student is working. Saving code or submitting an assignment counts as activity.

  • Last Active - The most recent timestamp of when a student worked on an assignment.

  • Live Feed - This is a running feed of assignments which are turned in by students and/or given a grade.

Realtime Updates on the Gradebook, Progress Page, and Quiz Scores

You can track the progress and grading of students in real time from these three pages. Student grades and progress data will update as they complete and submit assignments. On quizzes with the Check Answer feature, student scores will update as they complete each question of the quiz.

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Progress Page

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Quiz Scores Page

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Disable Realtime Features

To turn off the Realtime Features:

  1. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of your section page to access the Section Settings. You can also access the Section Settings from your Teacher Page by clicking the three dots "..." > Edit Section.

  2. Scroll to Advanced Settings.

  3. Click the blue check make to turn the updates off. Click the grey box to turn the re-enable the features.

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The Realtime Dashboard is available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get Pro for your school, contact our team at

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