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The Quiz Scores page displays student scores for all quizzes in a Section. You can also click on the name of a quiz to see data showing which students answered specific questions correctly.

Get to the Quiz Score Page

  1. From your Teacher Page, click on the section you want to view

  2. From the top navigation bar select Progress > Quiz Scores

Gif of progress view down menu and quiz scores link

Data Display Options

  • Heat Map - percentage scores represented from red (low) to green (high)

  • Percent - scores displayed as percent

  • Raw Score - score out of points possible

gif showing different ways to display data

Quiz Scores by Question

Click the title of any quiz to see a breakdown of performance by question:

This will show a heat map of your students' performance on each individual question, so you can quickly view trends or patterns. Num Correct and Percent Correct show the number of students who answered each question correctly:

From the Quiz Question Breakdown page, click any bubble icon to load the question and see how your student answered compared to the correct answer:

animated .gif showing clicking on a question bubble to view the quiz answer

You can also click on the blue arrow under View Quiz to be taken directly to that student's quiz page.

Quiz Scores is available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get CodeHS Pro for your school, contact our team at

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