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With Quiz Attempt settings, teachers can adjust how many re-take attempts students are allowed on a quiz. Students will automatically be able to retake the quiz until they have reached the max number of attempts.

From your Assignments page:

  1. Navigate to the quiz where you want to allow retakes

  2. Click Configure to bring up a modal

  3. Under Advanced Settings, set a number for Quiz Attempts:

Gif: Access Quiz Attempt Settings by clicking gear icon next to the assignment

Setting this number controls how many retakes a student is allowed for this quiz.

Student View

Students can navigate to the quiz at any time and review their score. If there is a remaining retake available, they will see a green Retake button that will clear their scores and allow them to retake the quiz:

Image: Student view of quiz, included retake button

Manually Give a Quiz Retake

Teachers can manually give a quiz retake at any time, even if the student has reached the max number of attempts set in Quiz Attempts, by navigating to the Quiz and then selecting Give Retake:

From your Assignments page:

  1. Go to Progress > Quiz Scores

  2. Find the Quiz icon for the student you would like to give a retake

  3. Click the green Give Retake button

Gif: Reset quiz from student's quiz submission

This will clear quiz answers for that student's quiz and allow them to re-take the quiz.

Quiz Attempt Settings is a feature available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get CodeHS Pro for your school, contact our team at

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