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Quiz Attempt Settings

Learn how to configure the total number of quiz attempts (including retakes) and adjust settings for individual students.

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With Quiz Attempt settings, teachers can adjust how many total attempts (including retakes) students are allowed on a quiz. Students will automatically be able to retake the quiz until they have reached the maximum number of attempts.

Changing the Number of Attempts for Every Quiz in a Course

  1. Navigate to your Courses app.

  2. Click the Settings icon next to a Course name.

  3. Scroll down to Set Attempts.

  4. Set the number of quiz attempts (including retakes) for all quizzes.

These settings will be applied to all students and all quizzes in your course.

GIF demonstrating how to change the number of attempts for every quiz in a course

From this same page, you can also:

  • Change how incorrect/correct answers are displayed.

  • Modify how incorrect/correct results are displayed for each type of quiz (Check for Understanding, the Final Quiz, etc.)

  • Change the default number of retakes students get when taking a quiz.

  • Apply the Shuffle Questions setting by module, lesson, or assignment.

Changing the Number of Attempts for an Individual Quiz

  1. Navigate to the quiz where you want to allow multiple attempts.

  2. Click Configure to open the popup window.

  3. Under Quiz Settings, set a number of total quiz attempts (including retakes)

Changing the Number of Attempts for an Individual Student (Giving a Retake)

Teachers can manually give a quiz retake at any time, even if the student has reached the maximum number of attempts set in Quiz Attempts, by navigating to the Quiz and then selecting Give Retake.

From the Assignments app:

  1. From your Assignments app, navigate to the quiz.

  2. Click the dark blue Grading icon.

  3. Click View to open a student's quiz, then click the green Give Retake button.

GIF demonstrating how to give a retake from the assignments app

From the Quiz Scores app:

  1. Navigate to the Quiz Scores app.

  2. Find the Quiz for the student you would like to give a retake.

  3. Click the green Give Retake button.

Gif showing quiz reset from quiz score page.

Viewing Past Quiz Attempts

You can view all past student quiz scores and submissions from the student's assignment.

  1. From your Assignments app, navigate to the quiz you would like to view.

  2. Click the blue Grading icon to open the grading page for your quiz. You can also access this page by clicking the quiz name in the Gradebook.

  3. Click View to open a student's quiz.

  4. Use the drop-down menu on the right-hand side to view the scores and responses for all student attempts.

animated .gif demonstrating how to view a quiz attempt

Student View

Students can navigate to the quiz at any time and review their scores. If there is a remaining retake available, they will see a green Retake button that will clear their score and allow them to retake the quiz:

Image: Student view of quiz, included retake button

Student Notification

Students will see a notification (blue dot) in the upper right portion of their account when they've been given a retake. They can click on this notification to navigate directly to the quiz.

image demonstrating a student's view of a quiz retake notification

Quiz Attempt Settings are available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get CodeHS Pro for your school, contact our team at

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