You can grade all of your students' work on CodeHS with both the Free Plan and the Pro Plan. There are different ways to grade depending on which plan you are using. 

With the Free Plan, you will primarily grade submissions one at a time from your Code Review Dashboard or from a specific student's user page.

[Available on Free & Pro] Grade on the Assignment page can be used to run a student's code before assigning a grade and sending feedback. 

With the Pro Plan, you will have access to more advanced tools to streamline your grading workflow including:

2. [Available on Free & Pro] Grade Mode lets you visit assignments one at a time, give a grade, and be automatically redirected to the next submission. You can read more about how to use Grade Mode here.

3. [Pro Feature]
Grading Settings allow you to be more selective about which submissions you want to manually review and grade and which submissions you want to be automatically graded. If "Auto" is select, once an assignment passes all the Test Cases, it will be awarded full credit. If you select "Teacher," once a student submits their exercises it will show up for you to grade in Grade Mode and Fast Grade.

With Pro, you also save time by grading submissions using either Fast Grade or Grade Mode. Both of these tools allow you to work through your submissions continuously without needing to go back to your dashboard or open multiple tabs. 

4. [Pro Feature] Fast Grade is the best tool for working through submissions quickly. View student code and submission code side-by-side, send feedback, and assign a grade all in one window. Learn more about Fast Grade here

5. [Pro Feature] The Customizable Gradebook makes it easy to grade exactly how you want on CodeHS and easily keep on top of student grades. Learn more about the customizable Gradebook here.

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