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Grade Mode allows you to assign grades to exercises in your submission queue quickly.

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Grade Mode can be accessed from your Code Review dashboard from the left-side navigation panel. On the Code Review dashboard, there will be a button for Grade Mode.

Grade Mode will take you through your student submissions in the order that the exercises were submitted. To assign a grade, click on the Grade tab. You can also view and run student's code in the editor.

Image of Grade tab in student's assignments

Here you can assign a grade by selecting either "Award Full Credit", "Give Zero", "Mark Finalized", or "Mark Needs Work"

  • "Award Full Credit" automatically gives the submission maximum points and marks it as Finalized

  • "Give Zero" automatically gives the submission 0 points and marks it as Finalized

  • "Mark Finalized" requires a score in the score input (which defaults to 0) and will give the submission a score you inputted and finalizes the submission

  • "Mark Needs Work" requires a score in the score input (which defaults to 0) and will give the submission the score you inputted and mark the submission as Needs Work. 

All options will also include the message you write to the student in the Student Feedback box.  Once you submit the grade, you will automatically be taken to the next submission in your grading queue. Note: This grade will be available for the student to view in their Grade tab. 

GIF demonstrating how to access Grade Mode from the Code Review page and how it is used.

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