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Grading on the Free vs Pro Plans

With CodeHS Free, teachers can grade assignments one at a time and use Grade Mode, which lets you move through submitted assignments in your grading queue.

CodeHS Pro offers teachers many additional tools and a customizable Gradebook that allows you to organize, edit, and easily view/export student grades.

Learn more about the differences between Grading on CodeHS Free and Pro.

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Setting up Your Gradebook

The Customizable Gradebook allows you to set up your Gradebook exactly how you want on CodeHS and track your students' grades. Within the Gradebook you can:

  • Add or remove assignments types (such as videos) from your Gradebook

  • Give / Remove student permission to view grades

  • Automatically set late assignments to be graded and finalized as a zero

  • Filter to view grades by module or lesson

  • Weighted Grading also allows you to create your own grading categories and assign weighted values to each category

Grading Student Work and Leaving Feedback

You can use the CodeHS Autograder to automatically grade and finalize assignments, or you can choose to review and grade assignments yourself. CodeHS Grading Settings allow you to adjust this setting by module, lesson, or assignment.

Any assignment set to Teacher Graded will go to your Grading Queue. Fast Grade is the best tool for working through submissions quickly. View student code and solution code side-by-side, send feedback, and assign a grade all in one window.

Manually Adjusting Grades and Assignments

You can manually change point values in the Gradebook by clicking on the blue Edit button. This allows you to:

  • Manually adjust student grades on assignments

  • Change assignment point values

  • Remove individual assignments from your Gradebook

You can also perform bulk actions for all your students with one assignment such as: giving full credit, marking as zero, or reseting student code. Click on an assignment name to bring up more grading options.

Grade Reports

Use the Gradebook to generate a grade report that is best for you and your students. From the Gradebook you can:

  • View a Student Grade Report by clicking on a student's name

  • Give Students Permission to view their grades (this is the default setting). Here's how students can check their grade in their account.

  • Export Student Grades as an Excel or CSV file by clicking the Export button

Webinar: Easy Ways to Grade and Provide Feedback

Hosted on October 14th, 2021

Logged into your CodeHS Account? Take a tour of the Gradebook here!

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