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Using Grading Categories to Apply Weighted Grading
Using Grading Categories to Apply Weighted Grading

Weight assignments and adjust how points are calculated in your Gradebook based on the assignment type

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Pro feature

The Grading Categories feature allows you to control how much an assignment is worth based on the assignment type. With CodeHS Pro, you can set up weighted grading categories and assign each module, lesson, or assignment a grading category.

Creating Grading Categories

One way to access the Grading Categories feature is from your Gradebook app.

In the Gradebook app, click the Settings tool in the top navigation menu > then scroll down to the Grade Calculations section:

In the Grade Calculations section, you can create grading categories and make changes to how points and percentages are calculated.

For more information about configuring Gradebook settings, check out this article:
โ€‹Customizing the Gradebook

Applying Grading Categories

After you create your Grading Categories, you will need to apply these to your assignments in order for the weighted grading to take effect. To do this, navigate to the Configure app under the Assignments category in the left-hand navigation menu > then click the Grading Settings tool in the top navigation menu. Each module, lesson and assignment will have an option for Grading Category.

Select the category (i.e. homework, exams, participation) using the drop-down menu:

Grading Categories are available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get CodeHS Pro for your school, contact our team at

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