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Adjusting Grading Settings and Grade Calculations
Using Grading Categories to Apply Weighted Grading
Using Grading Categories to Apply Weighted Grading

Weight assignments and adjust how points are calculated in your Gradebook based on assignment type

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Pro feature

The Grading Categories feature allows you to control how much an assignment is worth based on assignment type. With CodeHS Pro, you can set up weighted grading categories and assign each module, lesson, or activity a grading category.

Configure Gradebook Settings

One way to access Grading Categories is from your Gradebook. From the Progress page, choose Gradebook and click the dark gray Configure button to open the Configure Your Gradebook modal:

Click the configure button with the gear icon on the gradebook page

In the Grade Calculations section, you can make changes to how points and percentages are calculated. By default, grades are calculated based on Total Points. To change this, click the drop-down to choose Points Weighted by Category to categories you have configured.

In the configure menu, use the dropdown menu next to Assignment is worth:

For more information about configuring Gradebook settings, check out this article:
Customizing the Gradebook

Grading Settings and Assignments

You can adjust also Grading Categories per assignment by going to Course Settings > Grading Settings. Each module and activity will have an option for Grading Category.

Select the category (i.e. homework, exams, participation) using the drop-down menu:

The Grade settings page has a Grading Category Column that you can adjust

Clicking Edit will bring up the Grading Categories modal to customize the categories:

Configure Grading categories pop up menu gives options to create and adjust categories

Grading Categories are available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get CodeHS Pro for your school, contact our team at

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