For Students: Viewing Grades

View grades on CodeHS in the Code Editor or in your Grade Report

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View Grade for an assignment in the Code Editor:

Once an assignment is submitted, navigate to the Grade tab in the code editor.

Under the Grade tab, you will see your current grade and status for this assignment. It will say "Finalized" or "Needs Work" which will signify if you need to resubmit it.

Image showing Grade tab with a current finalized grade

Grade Report:

If your teachers have set up a Grade Report for your class, you will see a "My Grades" link appear under the My Links folder on the lefthand navigation bar (see below).

Image showing My Grades link in side navigation panel under My Links

The "My Grades" link will send you to your Grade Report (see below).

Image showing a student's grade report

Still have questions about your grades? Ask your teacher!

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