You can add additional courses, modules, or lessons to your section from existing CodeHS courses, or from the Problem and Playlist Banks. You also have the ability to configure settings for the materials as you assign them.  

Adding Assignments to your Section:

  1. Navigate to the Assignments page and click on Add Assignment
  2. Select where you want to pull modules/activities from (ex. Problem Bank, Course Catalog, Playlist Bank) and search for the module/activity you want to add
  3. Click on Assign and select the section(s) you would like to assign the new materials to
  4. Courses that already have the assignment, lesson, or module assigned will be grayed out and have Assigned next to them in the dropdown menu. You can also see which courses already have this assignment in the top right corner by hovering over the info icon.
  5. You can choose Block, Copy/Paste (Pro), Is Assigned (Pro), Access Controls (Pro), and Due Date Settings (Pro) before assigning. 
  6. After choosing your settings, click Assign

Adding Content from the Course Catalog:

  • To assign all of the modules in a course, click the "Assign" button
  • If you would like to pick and choose which modules you'd like to assign, first click the "View Units" button, then click "Assign" for the relevant modules.

Once finished, head back to your course's Assignments page, and you'll see the new modules at the bottom of the assignment list. You can further customize your section by Deleting a Module, Lesson, or Activity or Assigning or Un-assigning Activities. With CodeHS Pro, you have the ability to reorder assignments within your course. 

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