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CodeHS gives you access to all the curriculum in the Course Catalog as well as additional user-created content. You can add entire courses, specific modules, single assignments, and playlists to any existing Section.

You can add additional content from the Course Catalog, the Create Page, and the Problem and Playlist Banks.

Assigning Content from the Course Catalog

You can add an entire course to an existing section, or pick and choose different units from any course in the course catalog and assign it to your Section.

Adding an Additional Course to Your Section

  1. Go to your assignment page and scroll to the bottom

  2. Click "Search For Content" > Course Catalog to navigate to the Course Catalog

  3. Find a course you want to add and click Assign

  4. Select the Section(s) you want to assign this content to

Adding a Single Unit from a Course

What if you only want to assign one Unit or Module from a CodeHS course to your section? To do this, first navigate to the course catalog, then:

  • Find a Course and click View Units

  • Select a Unit from the Course and click Assign

  • You can also see additional Units in a course by scrolling down and clicking Supplemental Units

Assigning Content from Create, The Playlist Bank, and The Problem Bank

  • To add an assignment to your Section from the Create page, click on "..." > Assign next to an assignment or playlist.

  • Look for the blue Assign button in The Playlist Bank and The Problem Bank to assign content from these user-created resources.

  • Learn more about the CodeHS Playlist Bank and Problem Bank.

The Blue Assign Button

Whenever you're logged into your account and see the blue Assign button, this means that you can add this content to your course or section. You'll be prompted to configure settings for the material when you assign it. Pro settings will only be available to Sections that have a Pro License.

screenshot showing an example of the Assign module with Assign button in the bottom-right

After assigning, head back to your Section's Assignments page, and you'll see the new modules at the bottom of the assignment list. You can further customize your section by Deleting a Module, Lesson, or Activity and Re-ordering Content.

Supplemental Material Available for CodeHS Courses

CodeHS Courses also have supplemental materials that you can assign to your Section. These are great for extra practice, or for students that need an extra challenge! Find these by scrolling down on your Assignment Page and Clicking Search for Content:

Assigning Problems from CodeHS Practice

CodeHS Practice has lots of extra practice for students. You can also assign these to your Section as playlists or individual assignments. Click "..." then Assign from the Practice page. Learn more about CodeHS Practice.

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