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Create your own custom problems, assignments, quizzes, playlists courses and more with CodeHS Create

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What is CodeHS Create?

CodeHS Create allows teachers to design and customize your computer science course by providing the tools needed to create your own content within the CodeHS platform. 

Using Create, you can create online learning modules made up of your own quizzes, examples and exercise problems, and open-ended projects in a variety of different programming languages. Once you create the content, it's easy to assign it to students and utilize all of the other teacher tools to track progress, view student work, and provide feedback.

Teachers can use Create to build content that reinforces tough concepts that students are struggling with, incorporates creative projects into your classroom, and challenges your top students. Create also makes it easy to design your own programming assessments to measure and evaluate student learning throughout the course.

What Can You Create?

CodeHS Create offers a wide variety of options for your students. Some of the things you can create here include:

Accessing the Create Dashboard

To access CodeHS Create from your teacher page click the Create button in the left-hand navigation menu:

From here, you can create new activities and playlists and assign them to your students for additional practice.

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