Creating a Custom Quiz

Create a quiz using your own questions or questions from the CodeHS Quiz Question Bank

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Write your own multiple-choice questions and create custom quizzes using CodeHS Create. You can also add a custom quiz from the Assignments App or assign a quiz from the Quiz Question Bank. Pro teachers can Copy & Edit CodeHS quizzes to customize their Courses as well.

Create a custom quiz using CodeHS Create

  1. Navigate to the Create App by clicking Create in the left-hand navigation window.

  2. Click Create New Assignment > Quiz.

  3. Enter a title for the new quiz.

  4. Start adding questions to your quiz!

Adding Questions to a Custom Quiz

  1. Click Create New Question to add a question to your quiz.

  2. Write your question and answer choices in the space provided. Learn more about using Markdown to format your questions and answer choices.

  3. Use the radio button to the left to select the correct answer choice.

  4. Click Create to save your question and answer choices.

  5. Once you have finished adding questions, click Save & Finish to preview or assign the quiz to your section.

Gif showing how to add new questions to a custom quiz.

Editing Custom Quizzes

All of your previously created custom assignments are available on the Create App, where you can copy, archive, and edit them.

To edit a custom quiz:

  1. Click the three dots next to the quiz name.

  2. To edit an existing question, click the pencil icon.

  3. To remove a quiz question, click the red X next to the question.

  4. Click Create New Question to add additional questions to your quiz.

Note: Editing a quiz that has already been taken by students will NOT retroactively affect scores. Any scores would need to be edited manually to reflect the new changes made to the quiz.

Gif showing how to edit and remove questions from a custom quiz.

Create a Quiz from the Assignments App

You can also create a custom quiz from the Assignments App.

  1. Navigate to your Assignments App

  2. Click the Add button in the upper-right

  3. Choose Assignment

  4. In the pop-up, enter the Assignment Title and choose an existing Module and Lesson to assign it to

  5. Select Quiz as the exercise type

You can also navigate to an existing lesson and click Add New Assignment:

Screenshot indicated the Add New Assignment button on the Assignments page.

Adding Questions from the Quiz Question Bank

The Quiz Question Bank is filled with questions created by teachers and members of the CodeHS team. You can filter questions by difficulty, programming language, votes, and AP CSP Standards.

To add a quiz question from the Quiz Question Bank:

  1. Click Quick Find in the left nav bar and search for Quiz Question Bank.

  2. Search or filter quiz questions.

  3. Click Add to Quiz next to the question you would like to add.

  4. Choose a Playlist or custom quiz you would like to add the question to.

  5. You can then view your quiz or add this question to another quiz.

Learn more about Using the Quiz Question Bank and adding your own questions to the Question Bank!

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