To create a custom quiz :

  1. Navigate to your Create page.
  2. Create a Playlist by typing a name and clicking the green Create button.
  3. Type the name of your activity on the left-hand side and hit the Enter key.
  4. Select the quiz option and click the Create Activity button.
  5. Type in a question and create different answer choices.  
  6. Click on the left hand side of each choice to mark it as Correct or Incorrect. In the block to the right of the answer text box, you can also write a display message for each choice that will pop up when students select it as the answer. 
  7. You can then assign the quiz to the section(s) of your choice.

The CodeHS Quiz Question Bank

You can also use questions from the CodeHS Quiz Question Bank! The Quiz Question Bank is filled with tons of great questions created both by CodeHS teachers from around the world and by members of the CodeHS team. You can filter questions by difficulty, programming language, votes, and AP CSP Principle Standards. 

To add questions from the Quiz Question Bank:

  1. Once you’ve created a quiz, you can access the Quiz Question bank by going to your Toolbox and clicking the Quiz Question Bank button in the Create section.
  2. When you’ve found the quiz question that you would like to add to your quiz, simply click the Add to Quiz button next to the question.
  3. Choose which quiz you would like to add the question to.
  4. You will then be taken to the quiz in your Playlist so that you can alter the question further. 

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