Using the CodeHS Quiz Question Bank

Search for additional teacher-created quiz questions to add to your quizzes in the CodeHS Quiz Question Bank

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The Quiz Question Bank is filled with questions created by CodeHS teachers and by members of the CodeHS team. You can filter questions by difficulty, programming language, votes, and AP CSP Principle Standards.

Accessing the Quiz Question Bank

  1. Click Quick Find in the left nav bar and search for Quiz Question Bank.

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Assigning Questions from the Quiz Question Bank

  1. Create and name a new custom quiz. Check out this article for instructions on Creating a Custom Quiz.

  2. Search or filter quiz questions in the Question Bank

  3. Click Add to Quiz next to the question you'd like to add

  4. Choose a Playlist or custom Quiz you'd like to add the question to

  5. You can then view your Quiz or add this question to another Quiz

Add Your Own Question to the Quiz Question Bank

Teachers can also add custom quiz questions to the CodeHS Quiz Question Bank to share with other teachers.
To add a question to the Quiz Question Bank:

  1. Click Make Question in the top right-hand corner

  2. Name your Quiz and create questions with answer choices. You can format your questions and answer choices using Markdown. Checkout this article to learn more about formatting your quizzes with Markdown.

  3. Select the correct answer choice using the radio button to the left; if multiple answers are correct, toggle Multi-Answer on. To preview your question, click the Preview tab.

  4. After finishing your question, scroll down to select the Programming Language and the Difficulty Level. You can also add optional Answer Explanations that will be shown to the student when they choose the selected answer.

  5. Click Save!

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