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Copying and Editing CodeHS Assignments
Copying and Editing CodeHS Assignments

Use the Fork button to copy and edit CodeHS content and customize it for your Course

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You can fork, or copy, CodeHS assignments to customize them for your students. Once you fork a CodeHS assignment, you can edit or add quiz questions, change the starter or solution code to an assignment, and more.

What Does 'Fork' Mean?

When you fork a program, or in this case a CodeHS assignment, it means that you are making your own copy to work on, and any changes you make will not affect the original. Forking a CodeHS assignment allows you to make your own, customizable copy without affecting the original.

What Happens to the Original Assignment?

The original assignment is not affected in any way. If it was assigned to your students, it will still be assigned, and none of the content will be affected by any changes you make to the duplicate.

You can unassign or delete the original assignment to avoid having students work on both assignments. (Note: if you fork an unassigned assignment, the copy will also be unassigned)

How to Fork and Edit a CodeHS Assignment

To fork a CodeHS Assignment and create an editable copy:

  1. Navigate to your Assignments page

  2. Click the three dots next to the assignment you'd like to copy

  3. Select Fork

  4. Confirm by selecting Fork again and a duplicate of the assignment will be added to the lesson

  5. Click Edit on the right-hand side to edit the forked Assignment

Editing Quizzes

You can add additional questions to a forked Quiz or edit existing questions. For more information, check out Creating a Custom Quiz.

  • Click Create New Question to add your own questions to the forked quiz

  • Use the pencil button to edit an existing question

  • Click the red X next to a question to remove it from the forked quiz

Image shows the edit quiz module with arrows highlighting buttons to Create New Question, edit a question, and remove question

Editing Assignments

Use the tabs to navigate between different fields. You can edit the Assignment name and description, Starter Code, Solution Code, and more. Use the Preview button to see how the assignment will look for students. Learn more about Creating Custom Assignments.

Editing Assignments with Autograders

Keep in mind that if the assignment has an Autograder, you may want to edit the Autograder or remove it. For more information, check out Creating Autograders.

To edit or remove an Autograder from a forked Assignment:

  1. Click Edit on the right-hand side of the forked Assignment

  2. Click Advanced Settings

  3. Select the Autograder tab

    • Edit the Autograder code > click the blue Save Autograder button

    • or Click the red Remove Autograder button

Accessing Forked Assignments

In addition to being able to edit a forked Assignment from your Assignments page, all of your previously forked Assignments will be accessible via the Create page:

Forking CodeHS Assignments is available as part of CodeHS Pro. To get Pro for your school, contact our team at

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