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Reordering Modules, Lesson and Assignments
Reordering Modules, Lesson and Assignments

Learn about assignment numbers and how to re-order assignments to organize your Course.

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All activities in CodeHS courses have a module, lesson, and assignment number associated with them. Assignment numbers are in the format Module.Lesson.Assignment .

Here's an example outline that shows how the courses are organized:

You can reorder modules, lessons and assignments in any CodeHS course. By default, the assignment numbers will remain the same, even if you remove or reorder content in the course. See sequential numbering to learn more about renumbering assignments as you reorder your course.

Reordering Modules

To reorder a module click on the "..." next to the module and select move up or down. 

Reordering Lessons

To reorder a lesson you can move the lesson up, down, or you can move the lesson to a different module by clicking on the "..." next to the lesson:

Pop up window titled move this lesson to a different module

Reordering Assignments

To reorder an assignment or exercise, click ... next to the exercise. In the Organize section you can move up, down, or move to another lesson:

Image showing option to choose a lesson to move the assignment to.

Sequential Module and Lesson Numbering

Enabling sequential numbering will label the modules and lessons sequentially as you customize your course! The assignment number in the teacher resources, such as Lesson Plans, will remain the same.

To Enable Sequential Numbering:

  • From your Assignments page, open Course Settings in the upper right corner. Check the sequential numbering settings. Once you change the order of your content, refresh the page!

  • From your Courses page, open Course Settings by clicking the gear icon next to the course you would like to edit and then turn on the sequential numbering settings.

gif showing access to course settings from the courses page and turning on sequential number

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