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Hundreds of curated Practice Problems in Java, Python, Javascript, SQL, & C++

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CodeHS Practice is a bank of extra problems to help students gain a stronger understanding of basic programming skills, has hundreds of curated problems and exercises categorized by language, topic, and difficulty levels. 

CodeHS Practice is a great resource for students who finish lessons early, need additional practice on a specific topic, or are looking for an extra challenge.

CodeHS Practice problems are Unit Tests - they task students with creating one function or piece of code instead of an entire program. Learn more about working with Unit Tests.

Where to Find CodeHS Practice

Toolbar with Practice highlighted

Finding Exercises by Topic

On the Practice page, students can select their coding language and work on coding activities on a variety of topics:

Gif exploring the CodeHS practice page, and filtering by different languages.

Just like our other coding exercises, Practice activities use Autograders to help ensure that students are writing good code. Because Practice activities are intended to be used as a self-directed learning tool, they are not factored into students' grades.

Seeing What Students Have Completed

You can view all the practice exercises that a student has worked on by going to their individual Practice Page.

  1. Click the student's name on your roster page

  2. Click My Practice in the left-hand nav

  3. Select the programming language to see student work in that language

Practice Status Key

Practice problem status color key

Practice activities have four statuses, indicated by the dot next to the title:

  • Grey/Unopened - not opened by the student

  • Yellow/Started - opened, but not submitted

  • Green/Completed - submitted and passed the autograder

  • Teal/Finalized - assigned a final score

Assign Practice Problems to Your Section / Gradebook

You can assign practiced problems to your Section. This will also add them as course assignments in the Gradebook.

  1. Go to your Practice Page.

  2. Click on "..." > Assign 

  3. Select the Course, Section, and Lesson (this is where the practice assignment will be located for students)

  4. Customize settings including Availability, Due Date, and Grading Settings.

Gif showing how to assign a practice problem to a course by following the steps above.

Once problems are assigned, you'll be able to view them in the Gradebook:

Screenshot of the Assignment Progress page, highlighting the Progress link in the left sidebar as well as the link in the top navbar.

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