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Differentiating Instruction with CodeHS
Differentiating Instruction with CodeHS

Tools to differentiate, individualize, and support student learning

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Whether accelerated students need more of a challenge or students who are struggling need more scaffolding, CodeHS has many ways for you to differentiate materials for your students.

Enable Block/Text Settings

When Blocks are allowed for a section, students can toggle between block and text coding in the assignments.


The CodeHS Sandbox is where students can write programs outside of the bounds of an exercise. Teachers can use the Sandbox to assign individual projects, or as a way to encourage students to work on their coding skills outside of the classroom.

Create Assignments and Playlists to supplement CodeHS material

Creating customized Assignments and Playlists allows you to add your assignments and content inside your CodeHS Course!

Add Material to supplement your CodeHS course

Use Alternate Exercises

Alternate Exercises are different versions of existing assignments in CodeHS courses. These assignments are changed in subtle ways so that the core concept and difficulty are not altered but a different solution is required.

Copy and edit CodeHS quizzes

You can fork, or copy, CodeHS quizzes to customize them for your students. Once you fork a CodeHS quiz, you can edit or remove existing questions or add your own questions to the quiz.

Use CodeHS Lesson Plans and Handouts

Lesson Plans contain suggestions for modification as well as Handouts that can be used to scaffold instruction.

Individualize Course Settings for Students

With Student Settings, you are able to control which assignments are assigned, adjust Copy/Paste and Block/Text settings, schedule or lock an assignment, and set due dates independent of the section’s settings.

To differentiate settings for individual students:

  1. From your roster page, click on the gear icon next to the student's name.

  2. Adjust the settings for modules, lessons, or even specific assignments by using the dropdown arrow next to a module's title.

gif demonstrates different settings available on student settings page

To assign additional material to individual students:

  1. Assign the material to your section. See CodeHS Practice, Adding Courses, modules, and Assignments, Supplemental Materials, and Problem Bank for more information.

  2. Once the material is added to the course, navigate to Is Assigned Settings and Un-assign the material from the section.

  3. Navigate to the roster page and choose the gear icon next to the student you would like to assign the content to.

  4. Under Is Assigned Settings, make sure the content is assigned and apply any other settings you prefer.


View the webinar below to learn how to differentiate with CodeHS Pro! Hosted on September 20th, 2021.

Differentiation with Student Settings is only available on CodeHS Pro. To get Pro for your school, contact our team at

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