Steps to create a Playlist:

  1. Navigate to your  Create page found in your Navigation Panel or in your Toolbox.
  2. Name your Playlist and click the green Create button to create a new playlist
  3. Make a new activity by typing the name of the item on the left hand side and clicking the Enter key on your keyboard
  4. Select the activity type and click on the Create Activity button

Playlist Visibility 

From the Edit Playlist page you can choose whether the Playlist is hidden or released. If the Playlist is released, sections that your Playlist is assigned to will be able to view and access the Playlist.  If hidden, students won't be able to see the Playlist at all.

Playlist Visibility: Pro

With Pro you can assign the Playlist to your section and customize course settings all from one page.

Still have questions? Contact our team at to learn more! For information on assigning a playlist to your section(s) visit Assigning a Playlist.

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