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Enabling Block Coding for Students

Block Settings allow teachers to turn block coding on or off for students

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Block/Text Settings allows you to toggle blocks for a module, lesson, or assignment in one place. You can allow blocks for one section or multiple sections. When blocks are allowed, students can toggle between block and text coding. It is important to note that only certain languages are compatible with block coding.

Languages Compatible with Blocks

  • Karel in JavaScript

  • HTML

  • Coding in Art, Music, or Sports

Courses with Block-Compatible Activities

  • Intro to Computer Science in JavaScript

  • AP Computer Science Principles in JavaScript (Karel modules only)

  • Computing Ideas

  • Web Design

  • Intro to Programming with Karel

  • [Note: Block Coding is not available with CSS]

Adjusting Block Settings

Access block/text settings for a section:

  1. Click Configure under the Assignments category in the lefthand navigation menu to navigate to the Configure app

  2. From there, click on the Block/Text Settings tab on the top navigation bar

  3. You'll now be able to toggle blocks on for all activities, or expand each module, lesson, or activity to toggle blocks

Gif demonstrating how to toggle on blocks for modules, lessons, or assignments through the Configure Assignments app.

Setting the module, lesson, or assignment to Yes will allow students to use blocks for the assignments selected.

Students Switching Between Blocks and Text Coding:

If blocks are enabled for a section, students have the option to switch between block and code view. From their editor page, they will see a text bar that reads "Switch to Code View":

Screenshot of the code editor in block coding view. There's an arrow pointing to the "Switch to Code View" button that allows you to switch to code view.

Or, "Switch to Block View":

Screenshot of the code editor that highlights the switch to block view option.

If the student would like to change their default settings, they can click on the gear symbol in the upper left hand corner of the editor. From there they can change the default of their editor to show block view or code view:

Screenshot with an arrow pointing to settings gear icon in top left of code editor.

Screenshot highlighting the checkmark option that allows showing blocks by default in the code editor settings' popup.

Blocks in the Sandbox

Students can set their Block preferences on their Sandbox programs regardless of the section's settings. If the program type is compatible with Blocks, students can click the gear in the upper-left of their Code Editor and toggle their preference for Block Coding:

GIF demonstrating enabling block code within an assignment.

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Allowing Blocks for Individual Students

  1. From your Roster app, click on the gear icon next to the student's name

  2. Control the settings for modules, lessons, or specific assignments

  3. If you would like to view less settings, you can select which settings to edit in the top left menu

Gif demonstrating how to toggle on blocks for an individual student in various modules.

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