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Preparing for Your First Day with CodeHS
Preparing for Your First Day with CodeHS

Back to School Checklist - a step-by-step guide with everything you need to get your students off to a great start with CodeHS!

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Follow this guide to get ready for your first day with CodeHS!

Teacher Setup

Set up your Teacher Account

  • If you don’t have a CodeHS teacher account, create one here.

  • Verify your Account so that you have access to the available teacher tools.

  • If your school has purchased a Pro license, make sure your section(s) have Pro access by visiting your License Page. If you have questions please contact your Customer Success Manager or

Check out the CodeHS Curriculum

Set up your Courses and Sections

Within CodeHS, a Course is a sequence of curriculum Assignments that your students will work through. A Section is a group of students working on a Course; a course can have multiple Sections.

Your First Day with Students

Setting Expectations (First Week Lessons)

Resources for Students

Share these resources with students to help student get started using CodeHS. Find more guides for students in the Resources for Students.

Still have questions? Contact our team at to learn more!

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