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Verify your CodeHS account to access lesson plans, solution guides, the Teacher Forum, and more!

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Teachers can become verified on CodeHS to gain access to restricted teacher resources such as solutions, the Teacher Forum, and the Problem Bank. The verification process protects academic integrity by ensuring students cannot gain access to these materials.

There are two steps to becoming a Verified CodeHS teacher:

Confirm Your Email Address

Before becoming a Verified Teacher, you will first need to secure your account and verify that it belongs to you by confirming your email address.

When you signed up for CodeHS, an email with a confirmation link was sent to the email address you provided during the sign-up process:

screenshot of email with confirmation link to complete your CodeHS account creation

Don't see the email? No worries. Sign in to CodeHS and look for the orange banner. You can choose to resend the email or change your email address:

screenshot of the banner at the top of your CodeHS Teacher Dashboard with links to resend your verification email or change your email address

Teacher Verification Form

To verify your identity as a teacher at a school, complete the Teacher Verification Form:

Verifying is a manual process, so please allow for up to 3-5 business days. You will receive an email once your verification status has been confirmed.

Verification Requirements

To help verify your teacher account, we require a school email address and one additional source of documentation:

  • Note: If your school email is different from your CodeHS account email, you will also need to confirm and verify that both email addresses belong to you.

Additional Sources of Documentation:

  • Direct link to your school's staff directory page where you are listed as a teacher, support staff, or administrator

  • Link to an uploaded image of your school ID that shows your name and photo.

    • When uploading your staff ID to Google Drive or another cloud storage option, please make sure to share the image using a link with the permission set to "anyone with the link can view".

  • Letter or email from your school's principal or board of education.

Note: If you are part of a homeschooling program, we require documentation showing your homeschooling status with an affiliated organization.

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