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Settings to Control Your Assignments
Adjusting Course Settings to Manage Your Section
Adjusting Course Settings to Manage Your Section

Course Settings allow you to add/remove curriculum, prevent cheating, lock assignments, bulk edit and set due dates, and more

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CodeHS Course Settings is a Pro feature consisting of Access Controls, Due Dates, Grading Settings, Block/Text Settings, Is Assigned Settings, Copy/Paste Prevention, and Shuffle Quiz Settings. For more information on course settings for individual students, see Configuring Setting on a Per Student Level.

Access Controls: Access Controls allow you to set the visibility of assignments for students in a section. A Locked assignment cannot be accessed by students, while Available assignments can. If you set the visibility to Scheduled or choose a start or end availability date/time, then those assignments will only be available during the specified time range. Set modules, lessons, and assignments to locked or scheduled to control when your students have access to them. 

Due Date Settings: Due Date Settings allow you to set due dates for assignments. You can set a due date for the entire module, lesson or a specific assignment. 

Due Dates and Access Controls: Due Date + Access Controls allows you to set access controls and due dates all in one place. You can set access controls and due dates for an entire module, lesson or activity. Sections set up with Google Classroom will appear with the Google Classroom Assigner button to make editing easy.

Grading Settings: Grading Settings allows you to select which modules, lessons or assignments you want to manually review and grade and which ones you'd like to be automatically graded. Setting the module, lesson or assignment to "Auto" will give full credit to all past and future submissions.

Block/Text Settings: Block/Text Settings allows you to set blocks or turn off blocks for a module, lesson or assignment in one place. Setting the module, lesson or assignment to Yes will allow students to use blocks for the assignments selected. 

Is Assigned Settings: Is Assigned Settings allows you to choose what is assigned in your section(s). Setting the module, lesson or assignment to Yes will determine what the students see. If set to Yes the module, lesson or assignment will appear in the students course, setting the module, lesson or assignment to No will hide the assignment from the students. 

Copy/Paste: Preventing copying and pasting can be turned on for an entire section through course settings. When Copy/Paste Prevention is enabled, students enrolled in the section can no longer Copy, Paste, or Cut to and from the Editor.

Quiz Settings: Quiz Settings allow you to control if students see the correct answers as they take a test or if the correct answers are hidden. In addition, you are able to control how many retakes are allowed, and shuffle the question order.

Google Classroom:  Google Classroom assigner lets you choose what activities are shared through Google Classroom to students in this section.

Course Settings are only available on CodeHS Pro. To get Pro for your school, contact our team at

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