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RaiseMe Scholarship

CodeHS is proud to partner with RaiseMe, a platform that helps 9-12th grade students prepare for college by earning micro-scholarships for their achievements in high school to support them on their path to college!

Any CodeHS student who completes the AP Computer Science Principles or AP Computer Science A course can submit their coursework on to earn a scholarship for their academic achievements. Click here to learn more. 

Is CodeHS an Online Provider?

CodeHS is not an online provider. While we provide AP curriculum, we are not a virtual school, and students who are taking our course as individual learners are not enrolled in an AP class. You do not need to be enrolled in a class to take the AP exam, but you will need to sign up for the exam and find a testing site through College Board. CodeHS cannot sign students up for the AP exam, and we cannot give students access to the AP Digital Portfolio.

Using the Online IDE

To test out a feature of the the CodeHS IDE:

  1. Click the links

  2. Click fork to get your own version of the program.

  3. Click Try It to run the code yourself or see a quick video demo!

CodeHS IDE Tools and Features

  • Easily Run Java Code Online: You can easily write and run Java code in the web browser. We support Chromebooks and iPads too. Try it. Quick video.

  • Easily Handle User Input: You can write programs that handle user input. Try it. Quick video.

  • Write Programs with Multiple Files: You can write programs that use multiple files and you can select the file you want to run as the main class. Try it. Quick video

  • Organize files into folders: You can write Java programs that have files organized into folders. Try it. Quick video

  • Switch the main class file with one click: You can take any Java program you’ve written and get iframe code or a url to embed on your own website. Try it. Quick video.

  • Easily Share Programs: On a sandbox program that you make, you can easily share a program and get an easy link to share a link with the code, or just a link to run the app. Quick video

  • Embed Runnable Programs: You can take any Java program you’ve written and get iframe code or a url to embed on your own website. Try it Quick video

  • Organize sandbox projects into folders: You can create and organize any sandbox programs that you create into folders to manage your projects. You can view a folder of Java demo programs here:

  • Add in jar files: You can add in existing jar files to your programs to show a demo of a program without revealing the code or import existing functionality. Try it. Quick video

  • Write JUnit tests: You can test student code by writing your own JUnit tests. Try it. Quick video

  • Use Java Swing to create GUIs: You can create GUI programs using the swing library. Try it Quick video, simple GUI. Quick video, more advanced GUI

  • Create Graphics in Your Java Programs: You can create graphics on your Java programs. Try it. Quick demo. Try an AP Lab Quick video.

  • Use Processing in Java: You can create graphics programs using the Processing library. Try it. Quick demo.

  • Upload Images to use in Graphics Programs: You can upload png, gif, and jpg files to use in your Java Swing programs. Try it. Quick demo.

  • Compliant for School Districts: We’ve handled all the privacy and security concerns your district has so you can use CodeHS with confidence.

Watch a quick 2 minute walkthrough of creating a Java program in the sandbox, adding and renaming files, and changing the main file.

Java Practice Problems

CodeHS has features to allow students to run and write practice problems. A practice problem on CodeHS is a simple autograded method or function that the student writes. You can find a curated list of Java practice problems, organized by topic and difficulty here.

Students can access and solve practice problems logged out. You can also assign practice problems or a group of problems.

In addition, you can create your own practice problems — you can see problems created by our team here. You can also view problems created by other teachers in the CodeHS community. See a quick demo of Practice and creating your own Practice problem.

AP CS A FRQ Center

We’ve compiled and organized past College Board Free Response Questions that you can use, modify or assign to students in several formats. You can explore the CodeHS AP CS A FRQ Center here.

You’ll have organized and quick access to the questions, scoring guide and ability to run or assign programs that are runnable code, or just plain text if you don’t want the students to run them.

AP CS A Labs

  • All the labs are available to use on CodeHS. You can view the labs course information here.

  • You can also try the lab programs as CodeHS sandbox programs here. Quick Video — Picture Lab

Use CodeHS Courses or Create Your Own

Use a CodeHS Course

When you use CodeHS you can use courses created by the CodeHS team, or you can create your own. All the curriculum on CodeHS is free and provides access to videos, examples, exercises, autograded problems and much more.

We have two versions of the course:

  • AP CSA Nitro is matched to the new College Board units and uses an Objects-first approach.

  • AP CSA Mocha uses an Objects-later approach and also a few scaffolding libraries to make user input and the main method easier.

You can view the AP Courses, Labs, and Review here.

Create Your Own Course and Assignments

If you want to create your own course and assignments you can easily do that. You can create a course from scratch, then add modules, lessons and assignments.

You can go to your course page, create a new course from scratch. Then you can go into the assignments, and add an assignment and select the details of that assignment. Creating your own assignments is all part of the Free plan on CodeHS. Learn how to create your own assignment.

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