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Use the QOTD each day to help students review programming concepts

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The Question of the Day (QOTD) is a daily question created by the CodeHS team to help review concepts for Intro to Computer Science in Javascript, Intro to Computer Science in Python, AP CSA, and AP CSP! The questions run throughout the school year and build from basic concepts covered in the beginning of the course to more advanced concepts as the year progresses.

The daily questions will begin the day after Labor Day on Tuesday, September 5th!

Accessing The QOTD

From left-hand side navigation panel:

Students can use the left-hand side navigation and look under Resources to find the Question of the Day link. They may also see a top banner inviting them to take the QOTD when they sign in. Once student and teacher accounts are enrolled in the relevant course, they will have access to the Question of the Day.

Accessing using the URL:

Students can view all QOTD links at

Subscribing to the QOTD:

After navigating to the QOTD page, students will have the option to subscribe to the questions. Students will receive a daily email notification to complete the QOTD.

🔥 Streaks🔥

Students can keep track of how many days they've answered correctly. They must keep answering the QOTD every day to maintain their streak. The streak counter appears in the top right.


After answering, students will be shown if their answer choice was correct. The correct answer choice will be highlighted in green:

Answer Distribution

This shows the responses from all students that have taken the QOTD:

Accessing Previous Questions

Students can go back and take a previous QOTD using the navigation arrows or the assignment circles at the bottom of the page. Whether they answer incorrectly or correctly, answering previous questions won't affect their daily streak.

QOTD Scores

Access students’ answers for QOTD with CodeHS Pro! Filter by each course, including JavaScript, Python, AP CSA, and AP CSP.

Select various sections and discover the progress made by each student. To view individual questions, hover over the green dot and the QOTD will be displayed.

This feature is available only with CodeHS Pro. To get Pro for your school or sign up for a Pro trial, contact our team at We’d be happy to chat!

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