The Create Assignments tool lets you create and organize Assignments in any Course or Section that you're teaching. You can even add custom assignments inside of pre-existing CodeHS Courses!

Create an Assignment

In any lesson, click Add New Assignment:

Complete all steps in the pop-up interface to create your new Assignment:

  1. Choose Activity Type: Select which type of assignment you want to create. For Coding Exercises, pick from all the languages available on CodeHS including JavaScript, Python, Java, and more! Learn more about the different types of assignments here.
  2. Activity Details: Name the assignment, add a description/directions, starter code, test cases, solution code, and other details (depends on the Activity Type selected)
  3. Configure: Adjust settings for the assignment like Due Dates, Access Controls, and Autograding
  4. Finish: Preview and finalize the Assignment

Editing and Configuring an Assignment

Any assignment you create will have an Edit link to the right of the assignment's name. Note: the Edit link will not show for pre-created CodeHS assignments.

  • Click Edit to change the Activity Details for your assignment.
  • Click the gear icon to configure settings like Due Dates and Access Controls for the assignment.

Archive Assignments

If an assignment is not assigned to any course, you can archive it to remove it from your Assignments list. Click ... and then click Archive to archive an assignment:

If an assignment is assigned to any course or playlist, the Archive button will be grayed out and you will not be able to archive it until you un-assign it.

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