Here is an explanation of the different types of assignments that students will encounter on CodeHS:

Most Common Assignment Types

  • Video: students watch an instructional video created by CodeHS
  • Quizzes: students answer multiple choice questions. Final Exams are longer and encompass a larger scope (see below for more info on Quiz types)
  • Examples: pre-written code for students to explore and experiment with
  • Exercises: short coding exercise usually with an Autograder and/or test cases to evaluate student code. Check out Program Types and Autograders for more info.
  • Challenge: longer coding exercise with more complex solutions - teacher grading needed to review all the requirements of the exercise
  • Badges: a reward for students who complete a Lesson, Module, or Course
assignments with different icons: video camera, check mark, pencil

Other Assignment Types

  • Connection: An article, video, or activity which presents relevant Course content
  • Free Response: students type into a notepad to answer free response questions
  • Notes: provides student information about the topic
  • Survey: brief section for students to give feedback about their feelings and the Course
  • Practice: coding exercise that evaluates a specific method, function, or unit of code - always includes an Autograder

Quiz Types

CodeHS has several Formative and Summative assessment types for quizzes. To learn more, check out this article: Quiz Types

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