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Learn about the different types of Assignments in the CodeHS Curriculum

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Here is an explanation of the different types of assignments that students will encounter on CodeHS. To learn more about which programming languages are supported on CodeHS, check out these articles: Program Types and Versions of Programming Languages on CodeHS

Assignment Types - Full List

  • Badges: a reward for students who complete a Lesson, Module, or Course

  • Challenge: longer coding exercise with more complex solutions - teacher grading needed to review all the requirements of the exercise

  • Connection: An article, video, or activity which presents relevant Course content

  • Debugging: A pre-written (broken) program that requires students to fix errors in order to get it running.

  • Embed: Embed an activity from another website. We only allow certain websites to be embedded (see the list of whitelisted domains below).

  • Examples: pre-written code for students to explore and experiment with

  • Exercises: short coding exercise usually with an Autograder and/or test cases to evaluate student code. Check out Program Types and Autograders for more info.

  • Free Response: students type into a notepad to answer free response questions

  • Notes: provides student information about the topic

  • Practice: coding exercise that evaluates a specific method, function, or unit of code - always includes an Autograder and a scratchpad. See Using the Scratchpad and Unit Tests for more information.

  • Quizzes: students answer multiple choice questions. Final Exams are longer and encompass a larger scope (see below for more info on Quiz types)

  • Survey: brief section for students to give feedback about their feelings and the Course

  • Video: students watch an instructional video created by CodeHS

Whitelisted Domains for Embed Activities

CodeHS only allows certain websites to be embedded in our activities. Here is a list of our whitelisted domains:

You can reach out to to request a website not listed here to be added.

Types Available when Creating a Custom Assignment

CodeHS Create allows you create custom content and assign it to your Course. The fist step in creating a new assignment is to choose which type of assignment you'd like to create:

Different Types of Quizzes

CodeHS has several assessment types for quizzes. To learn more, check out this article: Quiz Types

  • AP Practice - available in AP courses to help students prepare for the AP exam, these quizzes are meant to simulate the format of the AP exam

  • Check for Understanding - short quiz designed to confirm students watched the video and understood the main concepts

  • Final - summative quiz at the end of the course to synthesize learning of entire course content

  • Midterm - administered near the middle of the course to assess student progress and growth; useful to highlight student strengths and gaps before advancing to more challenging modules

  • Unit Quiz - quiz at the end of modules to assess overall understanding of the lessons

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