This is a Free Feature

CodeHS Pro has several tools that help you proactively prevent student cheating. You can access these tools directly from: 

CodeHS Honor Code

First and foremost, we highly encourage your students to sign the CodeHS Honor Code. This will help set the tone for the rest of the year around what is acceptable and what is not. 

Free Cheat Detection Tools

Code History: The Code History tab is a way for teachers and students to see all of the changes and revisions that have been made to a certain program.  It is accessible on any exercise page under the "More" tab in the top right corner.

Screenshot showing code history in the code editor

The History tab is a great tool to aid in cheat detection, as teachers can assume that exercises (particularly more complex exercises) that are solved in very few code runs/saves are often attributable to borrowed or copied code. 

Actions that cause an entry to be created in the History tab:

  1. Student runs code

  2. Student clicks save

  3. Student pastes text in the editor

  4. It's been a minute and none of things have happened but the code has changed

The History tab is available on all students pages regardless of whether their class is using the free or pro version. 

This is a Pro Feature

Cheat Prevention Tools - Advanced Settings

Teachers now can shuffle quiz questions and prevent copy/paste to prevent student dishonesty. Both of these settings are Pro features.

Screenshot showing Shuffle Quiz Questions and Copy/Paste Prevention
  • Shuffle Quiz Questions: allows teachers to configure quiz questions so they will be ordered randomly for each student. The ordering will change each time the quiz is viewed. This is a feature that can help with cheating prevention on tests. (As a teacher, the quiz questions will not be shuffled when you view them)

  • Copy/Paste Prevention: when Copy/Paste Prevention is enabled, students enrolled in the section can no longer Copy, Paste, or Cut to and from the Editor. 

You can find these cheat prevention tools from “Section Settings,” which you can access from clicking on the gear button in the upper right corner of your section page.

Screenshot showing settings button in upper-right corner of teacher page

Note: You will need to enable Shuffling Quiz Questions and Copy/Past Prevention by visiting “Section Settings.” These features are not part of the default settings. You would also need to do this for each section that you teach on CodeHS.

CodeHS Pro Cheat Detection Tools 

Time Tracking: This tool displays how long students have spent on an assignment. You can find the Time Tracking tool under the Progress view.

Screenshot showing Time Tracking page

How is time Calculated?

As soon as the code editor loads, time tracking begins for students. The tracker records every increment of 5 seconds that the student is active. Students become idle after 30 seconds of not moving their mouse or typing.

Want more info on these tools? Watch our CodeHS Cheat Detection Teacher Meetup!

If you have other questions about these tools email

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