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Quick-Start Navigation Guide for Teachers
Quick-Start Navigation Guide for Teachers

Get Started Navigating the site, your Teacher Page and Sections, and learn about the Code Editor

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This article highlights the basic navigation and tools for getting set up with CodeHS. Learning the features on the teacher page, the section roster page, and the Code Editor will help prepare you to teach your first class!

Teacher Page

Your teacher page is what you'll see first when logging into your account. This video will highlight a few of the features on this page:

  • Navigating around the site

  • The Courses page, where you can manage curriculum

  • The Code Review page, where you can grade student work

  • The Toolbox which contains links to lots of teacher tools

More Information about your Teacher Page

Section Roster and Assignment Pages

Selecting a section will bring up the Roster page. This video will highlight a few of the features on this page:

  • How to invite students to join your section using the class code

  • The Top Nav Bar with links to different teacher tools

  • Viewing a student's assignment page

  • Previewing curriculum with your teacher account

More Information about the Roster Page

Using the Code Editor

The Code Editor (or IDE) is where students write and run programs. You can also grade programs from the Code Editor. This video will highlight these features:

  • Running and checking code with the autograder

  • The Docs tab, which lists available commands

  • Grading student code and accessing solutions.

More Information about the Code Editor

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