Course and Syllabus

Course and exam description from the College Board: 

CodeHS Syllabus: 

CodeHS AP Java Review Course:  

Course Audit

How to do the AP course audit online: 

AP course audit information from the College Board: 

Free Response Questions

College Board FRQs from previous years: 

Additional Resources

AP Java Subset (from College Board): 

AP Java Quick Reference Guide (accessible methods from the Java library that may be included on the exam): 

AP Java Lab Requirement with Sample Labs from College Board: 

RaiseMe Scholarship

CodeHS is proud to partner with RaiseMe, a platform that helps 9-12th grade students prepare for college by earning micro-scholarships for their achievements in high school to support them on their path to college!

Any CodeHS student who completes the AP Computer Science Principles or AP Java course can submit their coursework on to earn a scholarship for their academic achievements. Visit to learn more. 

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