Logging Elementary Students in to CodeHS

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As a teacher, you can choose the exact way that you would like students to access CodeHS from your Section's Roster page. Under How Students Log In towards the bottom of the page, use the dropdown menu to choose the login method students will use:

.gif shows a Section being clicked into, then shows the roster page for the Section. After scrolling to the bottom of the page to the 'How Students Log In' portion and then, the four different sign on methods are highlighted as they are hovered over. \

First, be sure to share the class's Login URL with students or share the Class Login QR Code to bring them to the class login page. Then, your students will log in using one of the methods outlined below:

Logging on with a QR Code

Students can scan a QR code to instantly log in to CodeHS. You can share a QR code for your entire class or you can share individualized QR codes with each student. Directly below each QR code, you will see a URL that students can copy and paste into their browser to access the Section and their homepage(s).

Class Login QR Code

Scanning this QR Code (or copying and pasting the link into your browser) will bring students to the login page for the Section. Students will then be able to log in by following whichever login method your class is utilizing.

Students can also log on by heading to this URL (https://codehs.com/login/elem/) and entering the class code listed at the top of the page.

All Student QR Code

Students will find their name (or picture/emoji) on the list of Student QR Codes. Students can either scan the QR Code to log into their CodeHS account or they can copy and paste the link that is listed right below the QR Code. Copying and pasting this link into a browser will automatically log the student on.

.gif shows the full class list of QR Codes.

You can also share your students' personal QR codes with them by:

  1. Navigating to the Roster page of your Section

  2. Select the magenta printer icon, located to the right of the student’s name to view their special QR code.

.gif starts on the roster page then shows what happens when you click the view printable QR code for student log in button.

💡Pro Tip: You also have the option to print the entire list to keep the QR Codes handy.

Logging on by Clicking Your Name

Selecting this option will give your students to access the Section roster page to log in by simply clicking on their name!

Logging on with Picture Passwords

Students will log on by finding their name on the student roster. Then, they will need to select their picture password to log in.

Your students' picture passwords are listed next to each student's name. Each student must select the image that is identical to the image listed next to their name on the class roster to successfully log into their CodeHS account.

💡 Want to change your students' passwords? Check out this article on creating and managing your Elementary Sections!

Logging on with Google Single Sign On (SSO)

Students will click Login with Google to SSO launch into their Section. Student emails should be included when adding students to the class roster.

  1. When the student launches the shared URL to the Course, they will see the option to log in with Google.

  2. Students should enter their email addresses and click next. Then, students should enter their password and click next again.

  3. Now your student should be logged in.

It is important to make sure that the student's email address is the same as the email address attached to their student account on CodeHS. Otherwise, the SSO will not work.

Logging Students Out

Once your student is logged in, it might be helpful to also know how to log them out. To log an elementary school student out of their CodeHS account, head to the navigation bar located at the top of the page and click Log Out. This action will automatically log the student out of their account.

image shows an arrow pointing to 'Log Out'

Still have questions? Contact our team at hello@codehs.com to learn more!

CodeHS Elementary Curriculum is included with an Elementary License. If you believe you should have access to the Elementary Portal, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or send an email to hello@codehs.com.

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