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Build an organized K-12 computer science program for your district with CodeHS Elementary

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In addition to our middle and high school curriculum, CodeHS provides customizable, vertically-aligned elementary lessons to unify a K-12 computer science pathway. If you are interested, please contact your Customer Success Manager or have a district administrator complete our Elementary Interest Form for a consultation!

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Vertically-Aligned Computer Science Pathway

CodeHS elementary curriculum provides customizable, vertically-aligned lessons to unify a K-12 computer science pathway at any district. Lessons are aligned to state and national standards.

Ready-to-Go Lessons

Based on feedback from teachers, our new Ready-to-Go lesson model includes instructional videos embedded in the slides right at the top of the Lesson Plan page, so teachers can begin teaching the lesson with minimal prep. This new design is intended to feel more intuitive to use, and also highlights essential information, such as lesson resources.

Personalized District Implementation Consultation

Districts and their teachers are provided ongoing CodeHS support to ensure a successful elementary implementation which includes suggested lesson sequences.

Customizable Professional Development Workshops

CodeHS professional development workshops are designed to quickly get elementary teachers up to speed with teaching CodeHS lessons. No previous programming experience is needed!

Project Based Elementary Curriculum

Each elementary lesson is modular and very hands-on! Teachers are provided a tutorial video for ease of preparation along with a detailed rubric and differentiation options to shorten or extend each lesson.

The scope and sequence of lessons will be customizable based on district needs including:

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Explore CodeHS Elementary Lessons

Phases of the Moon

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Practice with Conditionals
​View Sample Lesson

Topic: Interdisciplinary Science + Science

Topic: Computer Science Algorithms & Programming

Grades: Lower Elementary (K-2)

Grades: Upper Elementary (3-6)

Lessons Include:

  • Ready-to-Go Slide Deck including embedded Lesson Videos

  • Rubric

  • Project

  • Starter Code

  • Differentiation Options


CodeHS Elementary Coding Environment

CodeHS Elementary primarily uses Scratch and ScratchJr which are block-based programming environments. Students create digital stories, games, and animations while learning the basics of programming.

A screenshot showing the student view of the Scratch coding environment within CodeHS

Sample CodeHS Elementary Projects in Scratch

Are you a district administrator? Contact us for an elementary consultation and start building a vertically-aligned K-12 computer science program.

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