Creating and Managing Elementary Sections

Create new class Sections for your elementary students on CodeHS

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Elementary students can interact with the CodeHS Playground and elementary courses by being enrolled in a Section. A course is a sequence of lessons that are assigned to a specific group of students, also known as a Section. This article will walk you through how to create and enroll students into a Section.

Depending on your setup, your district may have already created sections and student accounts on your behalf. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or if you have questions.

Creating Your Section

  1. From your Elementary Sections Page, click + Create New Section.

  2. Write a name for your section or choose Import From Google Classroom

  3. Use the dropdown menu to choose a course to assign work to your section.

Once your sections are created, simply click the section name to view the Roster, assigned Lessons, and section Progress.

Image showing how to Create a new section.

Adding Co-teachers to Your Section

To add additional teachers to a section, click Invite a Co-teacher and enter their email. This will give teachers access to the CodeHS lessons, and the student work.

Image showing the Invite A Co-Teacher button.

Adding Students to Your Section

There are multiple ways you can add students to a section. With each option, you can add students' first name, last name, and optionally, their email.

To Add Students to Your Section:

  1. Click Add Students

  2. Add student name(s) by choosing one of the following options:

    • Add an Individual Student- Manually enter students' first and last name.

    • Add Multiple Students. Enter multiple student names. Each name should be on a new line in the format: First Last, Email (optional) where the email is optional.

    • Add students via CSV File: Upload a CSV file with the student names and emails. The CSV file should have two columns: Name and optionally Email.

      See an example sheet here. You can copy this example roster, add your changes, and click File> Download > Comma Separated Values (.csv)

      Screenshot of sample rostering CSV file.

  3. Click Add Student(s)

  4. Once you are finished adding students, click out of the adding students modal.

Gif demonstrating how to add students into your section.

To Remove Students from Your Section:

Click the person icon with an X to remove the student.

Image showing how to remove students from your section.

Rostering with an Integration

If you imported your roster with Google Classroom students will automatically be added to the Section and their CodeHS accounts will be created.

For some districts, we sync at a district level to create the sections and accounts. If your section has been created by an integration with ClassLink, your rosters will automatically sync with CodeHS nightly and your roster will reflect the data that is shared with us by the district.

Other Options for each Student:

  • Click the Pencil icon to edit student names

  • Click the Home icon to view student’s homepage and projects

  • Click the Email icon to copy a student’s email address (if added)

  • Click the Printer icon to print the QR Code login for a student

Logging Students in to CodeHS

As a teacher, you can choose the exact ways that you would like students to access CodeHS. Under Options towards the bottom of the roster page, you can use the dropdown menu to chose the login method students will use:

  • QR Code - Students can scan a QR code to instantly login to CodeHS.

  • Click Your Name - Students will see a list of student names in the section, and select their name to login.

  • Picture Password - Students will select their name from a list and also select their picture password to login. The picture password is listed next to the student name.

  • Google Single Sign On (SSO) - Students will click Login with Google to SSO launch into their section. Student emails should be included when adding students to the class roster.

Once chosen, share your section URL with students to bring them to the login page for your section. See Logging Elementary Students in to CodeHS for more information.

Changing Students' Picture Passwords

Teachers also have the option to change students' passwords. In order to do so, you can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the section your student is in.

  2. Click on the gear icon at the top right corner next to the section's name.

  3. Scroll down to "Roster Management" and find the student you want to change their picture password for. Then, click on the three dots on the righthand side.

  4. Click on "Edit student info".

  5. A popup will appear with the option to change the student's picture password.

Gif demonstrating how to change a student's picture password.

Playground Settings

Students also have access to create their own programs in the Playground. As a teacher you have control over the project type(s) students have access to. Select Scratch, ScratchJr, or both as the project type for your section and press Save. If nothing is chosen, this setting defaults to ScratchJr. See Using the CodeHS Playground to learn more about Scratch and ScratchJr.

Gif showing how to Change the default sandbox program type option.

Section Settings Page

Using your Section Settings, you can control all of the settings above and more! When viewing your section, click the gear icon in the upper right corner to access the Section Settings.

From here you can:

  • Change your Section name

  • Remove Student from your Section

  • Switch students to a different one of your Sections

  • Archive your Section

  • Manage student Playground settings

  • Manage and print student login information

Add and remove students and Co-teachers

To change the name of your Section:

  1. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the section name, type the new name of the section, and click Update

    Image showing how to rename your section.

To switch students to a new Section:

  1. Scroll to the Roster Management section

  2. Click the three dots next to the student's name

  3. Click Switch Section and choose your other

Image showing how to switch students to a new section.

Still have questions? Contact our team at to learn more!

CodeHS Elementary Curriculum is included with an Elementary License. If you believe you should have access to the Elementary Portal, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or send an email to

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