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How CodeHS Helps with COVID Learning Loss
How CodeHS Helps with COVID Learning Loss
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As a completely web-based platform, CodeHS has many tools and resources to help students and teachers work together virtually and in-person as students return to school; all of these can help with COVID-related learning loss.

Customizable Learning Experience

Teachers can customize the robust CodeHS curriculum by creating additional activities, including coding activities, examples and quizzes. These can be used to review past curriculum and reinforce new concepts.

Learn how to create custom activities here.

CodeHS Practice Problems

CodeHS Practice is a bank of extra problems to help students gain a stronger understanding of basic programming skills, with has hundreds of curated problems and exercises categorized by language, topic, and difficulty levels. These are a great resource for students who finish lessons early, need additional practice on a specific topic, or are looking for an extra challenge.

Learn more about CodeHS Practice here.

Exercise Creativity in the Sandbox

The CodeHS Sandbox is a great way for students to stretch their creativity and write programs outside of the bounds of an exercise. In the Sandbox, students can start a program starting from scratch in any of our programming languages and create anything that they can imagine.

Teachers can use the Sandbox to assign individual projects, midterms, and end of year assignments, or as a way to encourage students to work on their coding skills outside the classroom.

Check out this recent case study to see how the Sandbox can be used to empower student creativity!

Learn more about the CodeHS Sandbox here.

Connect with CodeHS Teacher Communities

To connect with our teacher community, visit our Teacher Forum or join our Facebook Group. Collaborate on debugging student code, share tips, tricks and best practices for remote work, and connect with fellow CodeHS computer science teachers!

Pro Tools that Help with Learning Loss

Per-Student Configuration

Settings such as due dates, access controls, block coding copy-and-paste prevention can all be configured on an individual, per-student level to customize the CodeHS experience for students.

Learn about configuring settings on a per-student level here.

Lesson Plans and Differentiation

CodeHS Lesson Plans include modifications that can be used to differentiate instruction for students with varying needs. The first 5 lesson plans of any course can be used by all teachers, and Pro teachers have access to all lesson plans.

Still have questions? Contact our team at to learn more!

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