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Reusing Your Course for a New School Year
Reusing Your Course for a New School Year

Roll over your CodeHS courses to reuse them for another year.

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Sections on CodeHS are optimized for a single school year. The best way to keep your Teacher Page organized is to:

  1. Archive sections after the current school year ends, and

  2. Create new Sections using your own course or a CodeHS course from the Course Catalog for the upcoming school year.

Sections vs. Courses

What's the difference between a Course and a Section?

  • Within CodeHS, a Course is a sequence of curriculum that your students will work through. Courses are made up of Assignments.

  • Each Course can have multiple Sections.

  • Within CodeHS, a Section is a group of students working on a Course.

  • An Assignment is any module, lesson or activity that students (within their Sections) work on as part of their Course.

In other words, a Section is a group of students (like a class), while the Course and Assignments are the curriculum content that they are working on.

End of the School Year: Concluded Sections

After the designated school year end date, your sections will:

  1. Be marked as Concluded

  2. Be closed to enrollment (so no new students can join or drop)

  3. Automatically archive after 30 days

Concluded vs. Archived Sections

  • When a section is Concluded, no students can be added or dropped from that section. If the section is not archived, students can still access their work.

  • When a section is Archived, it is hidden from the Student Dashboard and students cannot access their work unless you un-archive the section.

Concluded sections are visible on your Teacher Page and are listed as Concluded:

Screenshot showing a list o sections with a Concluded section highlighted on the right-hand side

Find more information about the lifecycle of a section here: Guide to Section Lifestyles

Reusing a Course for the New School Year

Our team updates our courses over the summer, so to make sure you're using the most up-to-date version of the course, we recommend creating new sections rather than dropping and adding students for the new year.

To reuse your course with a new section:

  1. Navigate to your Courses page

  2. Click Create Section

  3. Enter a name for your section and click Create. Your new section will be ready to use for the new school year!

GIF steps through process of creating a new section from a course that you've already made

To reuse your course from a concluded section:

You can also create a new section from a section that has already concluded.

  1. Navigate to your Sections page

  2. Click on the concluded section

  3. Click the blue Teach this Course Again button

  4. Enter a name for your section and click Create. Your new section will be ready to use for the new school year!

Copying a Course

If you've made a lot of changes to a Course or its settings, you may wish to copy it for the new school year before adding sections. To copy a Course, click the three dots and choose Copy Course:

clicking on three dots next to course name brings up options menu, including copy

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