Archiving a section will remove it from your active sections list. Once a section is archived, students will no longer be able to access their work in that section.

Archive a Section

  1. Navigate to your Teacher Page
  2. Click the "..." button next to the section, and click Archive Section. 

Archive a Course

Click Courses in the left-hand menu to get to your Course page. Click the three dots next to a course and choose Archive. This will archive all sections of this course.

Retrieve an Archived Section

  1. From the Teacher Page, click on the “Show All Sections" button to the right of the My Sections header.
  2. This will show all of your active and archived sections. Active sections show up with a white background while your archived sections are gray. 
  3.  Click the "..." next to the section you would like to retrieve, and click Unarchive Section.

Retrieve an Archived Course

On your Courses page, click My Archived Courses to view your archived courses. Click the three dots next to the course and click Unarchive.

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