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A guide of technical requirements for CodeHS

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Get set up with CodeHS quickly and easily! CodeHS is a fully web-based platform, so all you need is a modern web browser and access to the internet. There are no software or downloads required!

Technical Requirements

Specific requirements for using CodeHS at your school include:

  • 1 computer per student during class (Mac, PC, Chromebook all work great!)

  • Online connectivity at a minimum of 10Mb/sec

  • Modern browsers on computers

    • Chrome

    • Firefox

    • or Safari Version 15.1 or higher

  • Access to headphones for each student in class

Special Course Requirements

While most courses can be completed entirely within the CodeHS IDE, the following CodeHS courses require additional hardware or software to be installed:

Whitelist Domains

The following domains should be whitelisted on your school or district network to ensure CodeHS works with your school's firewall:

To see a list of all domains to be whitelisted for specific courses see CodeHS Whitelist Domains.

Other Information

  • See Running CodeHS on iPads to get best practices for iPad usage.

  • See Programming Languages to see versions of coding languages supported in CodeHS.

  • See Program Types to find all programming languages and program types that you can use in the CodeHS IDE.

  • There are no plugins or browser extensions needed and no specific settings need to be changed

  • There are no other dependencies or helper applications that need to be installed unless specified by the course.

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