CodeHS Whitelist Domains

Whitelist these domains on your school or district network to ensure CodeHS works with your school's firewall

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For the vast majority of CodeHS courses and tools, the only domains you need to whitelist are:

* ( and all subdomains)
* ( and all subdomains)

* - in-site messenger to reach the CodeHS team for support

You can also whitelist our Google Workspace Domain to allow students to open Drive files from the CodeHS Drive. CodeHS Google Workspace Domain:

Optional - all CodeHS lesson videos can be streamed from either CodeHS or YouTube, but YouTube provides subtitles, and some lessons include non-CodeHS videos from YouTube. - Virtual Reality library for building VR worlds in the sandbox. - Scratch sprite library.

Course Specific Domains

Some of the CodeHS courses pull in resources such as images, videos, and articles from other domains. Most schools we work with have not had issues with these domains, but if you are running into issues, the following is a comprehensive list of external domains used in CodeHS courses:


Intro to Game Design with p5play

All other courses

To find out more about the requirements to run CodeHS check out Implementation. Still have questions? Contact our team at to learn more! 

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