CodeHS Inbox and Notifications

Read messages, mark messages as read, and clear notifications in the Inbox

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When a student sends a message, a notification will appear in the inbox. You can see all messages and notifications by clicking on the inbox -> see all.

screenshot highlighting the See All button in the Inbox, accessed in the top-right corner

Mark a Notification as Read

When viewing the inbox, you can mark a message as read by clicking the X that appears to the right of the message. Read messages will appear highlighted in white. Unread messages will appear highlighted in gray.

Screenshot of the Notifications page highlighting the X where you can mark a message as read

Mark All Notifications as Read

Click Mark All As Read in the upper-right corner of your inbox to mark all notifications as Read.

Screenshot of Notifications page highlighting the Mark All As Read button

Students also receive notifications and messages in their inbox.

Email Notification Settings

Email Notification Settings allow teachers to receive an email when students submit Help Questions, send a message with CodeHS Conversations, or when students submit an assignment that needs to be graded by the teacher.

Check out Email Notification Settings to learn more!

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