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How Students can Use the Docs Tab

The Docs tab is a great place to point students when they get stuck. This can be found in the top right corner of any code editor under the "Docs" label.

The Docs tab contains documentation for many of the concepts they have learned in the course so far, including examples they can use to write their code.

Docs become more detailed and extensive as students go through a course on CodeHS and learn more programming concepts. Students can also view the full documentation for a language by clicking See full documentation.

  • Click Here to browse the full documentation for all our programming languages.

How Students can use Conversations to Ask Questions

In the Code Editor, students can click More > Conversation to submit questions:

The questions that students submit will appear on your Code Review page.

Just click Code Review in the left-hand menu to view student questions:

Click on any question to write an answer. Students can see your replies on their main student page for that class.

They can also click More > Conversation in their Code Editor, right where they submitted their questions!

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